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Your trusted destination for exceptional healthcare. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is here to take care of you, with an emphasis on quality, compassion and customization.  Find out how we can provide first-class medical care for you and your family.

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Opting for private medical consultations ensures quick access, in-depth appointments and personalized care. Take charge of your health today for sustainable well-being.
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Our clinic has been committed to providing highly personalized and innovative private medicine services since its founding in 1977. As an affordable and accessible medical alternative, Vita Medical, a CMIPQ division, guarantees an impeccable quality of service. We offer consultations in a warm and friendly environment, with a dedicated medical team composed of general practitioners, specialist doctors and passionate nurses.

Our mission is to ensure quick access and personalized service, whether to treat a seasonal virus, a medical emergency or any other health problem. Our family doctors are attentive to your needs, providing the best care and advice adapted to your medical situation, that of your children and other family members. Every day, our private clinic offers flexible time slots to ensure top-quality care, with human and personalized follow-up.

testimonials and feedback

Nejib Ben Ahmed
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Je tiens à remercier tout le personnel pour leur chaleureux accueil et leur entière disponibilité à commencer par le service d’accueil jusqu’au corps soignant ayant à leur tête la Docteure Marie Chantal Ménard, je suis d’ailleurs très satisfait de leur service et je vais recommander cette clinique à toutes mes connaissances et merci encore.
Andrée Crevier
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J’ai déjà utilisé plusieurs services de la Clinique de Médecine Industrielle et Préventive du Québec et ils se sont tous avérés excellents, qu’il s’agisse d’examens pré-emploi, d’expertise médicale ou de bilan de santé. Le personnel est très professionnel et je n’hésite pas à les recommander.
Diane St-Germain
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Très bon service…équipe professionnel attentif…respect des rendez vous…bravo à toute l’équipe
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Je suis vraiment satisfait du service offert à sa clinique médicale très bon service une amie m’a référer cette clinique et j’en suis très reconnaissant!

our location

Central location: We are located in downtown Montreal. Easily accessible, neighbor of the Guy Concordia metro